Ring Repair in Portland, OR

Repair, Restoration and Stone Setting

Over 40 years of repairing people's jewelry we've worked on some expensive yet poorly made rings that simply were not made to withstand daily wear and exposure. Stones are lost when prongs securing the stone have bent, loosened, worn away or broken off. We can restore that ring by rebuilding worn and thin areas on gold, silver or platinum rings and rebuild worn down prong settings before you lose a stone or to restore the setting to reset a stone that has become loose or fallen out. Prongs are built-up with additional metal to securely hold your precious stones and our expert stone setting will make certain your ring is safe to wear again.
In our on-site workshop we repair chains, attach charms, and replace broken or worn clasps, often while you wait. Bracelet links and pendant loops become weak or damaged over time because they are constantly rubbing against each other. Thin links and loops need to be built up with more gold before a broken link leads to loss of your jewelry. We can advise you how to best restore a treasured ring, pendant, earrings or bracelet you possibly thought was beyond help and we can suggest ways to restyle an older piece of jewelry to better suit your taste so that you can enjoy it.
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In our many years of sourcing new gems from around the world we know where to find the more familiar as well as unusual and exotic stones. Goldmark Jewelers can supply and replace missing or damaged gemstones and we have an experienced gem cutter who will restore your scratched and dull stone to shine like new.
Jewelry that has been a part of your family for many years often needs to be refurbished and maintained. Goldmark Jewelers will assess the condition of your pieces and recommend procedures to restore them to their best state. Let our expertise and careful handling insure that you continue to experience the pleasure of wearing and sharing your treasured family heirlooms.

Design Tips

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A simple idea is the foundation of a good ring design. Concentrate on how the center stone will fit in your ring and how much space is left because there's a limit to what works and looks good. Bring your photos, sketches and notes and we'll use our design skills to help.

Cleaning Tips

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It's wise to remove jewelry before bathing since chlorine and minerals can cause staining and leave a film on your stones. Most jewelry cleans up safely with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Thorough cleaning is best done by a jeweler who also inspects your jewelry.
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