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Goldmark Jewelers opened in Portland in the spring of 1976 to be both an inviting showroom in which we would offer our original jewelry and services, and a studio for creating custom jewelry fit to your individual personality and sense of style. We can help you feel confident with your choice when you are looking for the right piece of jewelry to add beauty and meaning to your life or the life of someone you love. We’ll help you find what you are looking for in our current showcase collection or with one-of-a-kind jewelry made just for you, the way you want it, giving you personal enjoyment and satisfaction every time you wear it. Your personalized custom designed jewelry carries memories of significant events and times for you and will be something you share with future generations.
In choosing Goldmark Jewelers you’re making a good start because we work closely with you to look at possibilities and find a design idea that you like. Then, once the design is refined to be what you want, we transform it into your specially made piece of personalized jewelry.
Since the day we started, our ongoing goal was to provide you with artistically created, fine quality jewelry at the best possible price, bringing you many years of personal wearing pleasure. We are proud of the jewelry we sell and how we provide you with excellent quality in the work we do. Then as now, we hold our sources to a high standard of diligence and honesty and we will not knowingly support or deal with any entity selling gemstones or diamonds obtained through fraudulent or exploitive practices or mistreatment. You should feel wonderful about the jewelry you wear so experience the pleasure and satisfaction of owning jewelry of unsurpassed value and beauty from Goldmark Jewelers. Enjoy some of our creations as you explore this website and be sure to visit our Showcase page to see our latest selection of special pieces available for purchase now.

Design Tips

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A simple idea is the foundation of a good ring design. Concentrate on how the center stone will fit in your ring and how much space is left because there's a limit to what works and looks good. Bring your photos, sketches and notes and we'll use our design skills to help.

Cleaning Tips

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It's wise to remove jewelry before bathing since chlorine and minerals can cause staining and leave a film on your stones. Most jewelry cleans up safely with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Thorough cleaning is best done by a jeweler who also inspects your jewelry.
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