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Thick or thin, round or flat, polished or textured, old style, new style, yellow or white. Wedding bands can be whatever you want, whatever fits you and your lifestyle and whatever is special to you. We can hand carve a boldly sculpted one-of-a-kind band or give you a ring with the look of a Victorian heirloom. A wedding band is a personal expression of your relationship or marriage and it should be special and meaningful to both of you. We'll make it beautiful and you'll make it yours.
If you want your wedding jewelry to be unlike anyone else's, Goldmark Jewelers can make that happen for you. We’ve used combinations of metals and gemstones to create your own unique and unexpected look, including shapes, symbols, and images that are important to you. One couple who are mountain climbers came to us to make them a beautiful wedding ring that was carved to resemble mountain climbing ropes with actual knots looping around a pearl and there was another couple who were fans of Tolkien and had us sculpt Elvish script onto their band. You can definitely have some fun with this if you want to make a personal statement with your wedding bands that will be yours alone.
Tastes vary and practically any style of ring from ancient to modern can be matched up with a band in the same design theme. When we are asked to make a man’s band to resemble the bride’s but still suits him, we’ll find a design element in her ring to incorporate into a mans wedding band. We’ve had couples come to us unable to find a band to go with their beautiful vintage ring and we'll make a new band styled and fit so it looks vintage and yet is uniquely theirs. It’s been very satisfying to make a new band which fits their antique ring so well that it looks like an original antique wedding set. The bride has her heirloom ring, and a new ring that’s part of her marriage to enjoy for her lifetime then able to pass along as a valued family heirloom.

Design Tips

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A simple idea is the foundation of a good ring design. Concentrate on how the center stone will fit in your ring and how much space is left because there's a limit to what works and looks good. Bring your photos, sketches and notes and we'll use our design skills to help.

Cleaning Tips

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It's wise to remove jewelry before bathing since chlorine and minerals can cause staining and leave a film on your stones. Most jewelry cleans up safely with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Thorough cleaning is best done by a jeweler who also inspects your jewelry.
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