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Dancing Blue Lights . Sparkling blue topaz drops on a delicate 3/4" 14k white gold chain with a diamond set finial on the ear post. 1-1/8" overall. One-of-a-kind. $545.
Ruby Blossom Ring. Six perfect little ruby petals nesting around a diamond center on a simple 18k white gold band. 1/2" across. One-of-a-kind. $1800
Victorian Lace Pendant. Elegant ribbons of 14k white gold weave a fanciful 1"frame around a spectacular hexagon cut amethyst of deep violet color. One-of-a-kind, sold with an 18" chain. $1900
Hummingbird Pendant. Caught in mid flight, this 14k yellow gold hand carved 3/4" hummingbird seems to float on the chain disappearing behind the wing, sure to delight any bird lover. One-of-a-kind, sold with an 18" chain. $660
Fire and Ice Pendant. With two looping ribbons of diamonds this 1-3/4" long pendant features two rare apricot-rose colored cabochon cut sapphires from Sri Lanka. One-of-a-kind, sold with an 18" chain. $3200
Paraiba Love. A classic 1' platinum oval with a delicate crescent of diamonds presents this unusual teal green tourmaline from the Paraiba miniing district of Brazil. One-of-a-kind, sold with an 18" 14k white gold chain. $1600
A platinum chain is available on request.
A Drop of Ocean. Framed in this diamond covered 1" long pendant of woven 18k white gold ribbons is this fine pear shaped 1.05 carats of rich blue sapphire on an 18" 14k white gold chain. $3300
Romantic and Elegant.A bright 1.03 carat Burmese ruby "floats" between two lusterous diamonds in this 18k white gold ring with heart shaped open wire sides. One-of-a-kind . $3200
Green Fire. Rare, deep green Tsavorite garnets from Kenya surround a diamond cluster in this one-of-a-kind sculpted 1" pendant of 14k white gold on an 18" chain. $2800
Just About Perfect. A simple little 14k white gold band with a beautiful blue marquise cut .82 carat sapphire, nicely tucked in. $1400
Easy Green. Two specially cut oval peridots in graceful filligree design frames in these 1" long drop style earrings in 14k white gold. One-of-a-kind. $1600
Pearl Delight. Here's a vintage style pearl 3/4" pendant with a fun cascade of pearls, waves of gold, and scattered diamonds to add a touch of nature inspired style. On an 18" chain. $880
Classical Style. This elegant 14k white gold pendant packs a lot of design detail into its 5/8" frame with four sapphires enclosing a center diamond and a border with diamond accents. One-of-a-kind on an 18" chain. $1800
Sapphire Swirl. Sculpted in a relaxed double curve, this 1" 14k yellow gold pendant features a lively blue .55 carat sapphire with seven sparkling diamonds set into its graceful curves. One-of-a-kind, on an 18" 14k yellow chain. $1500
Victorian Style. Like a circle of berries, this 1-1/4" medallion style pendant with its lace-like frame holds seven cabochon cut rubies and 1.9 carats of sparkling white diamonds. A one-of-a-kind piece in 14k white gold with an 18" chain. $5400
A Study in Roses. A 14k rose gold band with a rosy pink ruby makes this a special little ring. The .56 carat oval ruby has been re-polished and looks great and is priced as an estate ring. $900
The Best Red Ever. This remarkable 4.15 carat Brazilian tourmaline is so red it rivals the finest rubies. Beautifully cut as a trillion in this simple 18k white gold pendant and accented with four bright diamonds on the bail. One-of-a-kind, on an 18" gold chain $3800
Frozen in Time. This 18k yellow gold pendant has a 19.32 carat piece of hand sculpted green beryl, part of the aquamarine family of gems, carved to look like it has melted and been delicately enfolded by this contour fit setting. One-of-a-kind with a 14k gold chain. $2800
Going Green. Rare Caribbean green amber dangle from sterling leverback wires. Light, lively and fun to wear. $380
Clear and Sunny/ 365. Imagine sunny days year-round whenever you wear this energetic and artistically sculpted 1-1/18" 14k yellow gold pendant of layered petal-like forms tipped with sparkling diamonds. Its a high style one-of-kind signature piece for your favorite sun-lover Complete with an 18" chain. $3200
Rare Find. From out of the the mines of Australia, this 5/8" fragment of genuine black opal shows the vivid green and blue color so prized by opal lovers. Set in 14k rose gold with an 18" rose gold chain. $700
Cherry Drop. A delicious looking cabochon cut 3.83 carat red Tourmaline in a simple 14k yellow gold wire base pendant setting. One-of-a-kind with an 18" gold chain. $1400
Blue Serenity. A 9/16" long platinum pendant with a simple circular bezel setting delicately holds a fine .72 carat deep blue sapphire with five bright diamonds down the bail. One-of-a-kind, on a 14k white gold chain. $1800
Red Star. An intensely red .35 carat ruby center and bright radiating 14k yellow gold arms makes this fanciful 1/2" starburst pendant with a diamond highlight quite dazzling. One-of-a-kind, on an 18" gold chain. $900
Dancing Stars. Suspended on a glittering diamond wire, these dazzling 3/4" 18k white gold stars will light up your event. Five pointed " kite shaped " diamonds form the center star with a bright frame of diamonds making an outer star. A prize winning performance. $4400
Peacock Blue. Two matched Australian opals doublets with lively dark blue color with flashes of a lighter blue and green look like a peacock feather. A doublet is a solid thin slice of natural opal glued to a thicker base for strength. Enclosed in 14k white gold bezels with chain links dangling from a white gold rain drop, they are 1-1/4" long. $900
Blue Bouquet. Like two wildflowers in a field of sparkling diamonds, 3.48 carats of beautiful blue sapphire cut into nine matched "petals" make this elegant low domed 12 mm wide ring in 18k white gold feel fresh every time you put it on. $4600
Blue Radiance. Rich, vibrant blue zircon like this really surpasses most gems with its diamond-like brilliance and fire. This sparkling pair of earrings in 14k white gold baskets with scroll details will create quite a splash with these hard to find 8.5 x 6.5 mm ovals weighing together 6.13 carats. $2200
Almost Victorian. An antique European cut J VS1 1.0 carat diamond sits over a halo of bright diamonds and triangular form side mounts and diamonds down the shank in this new 18k white gold setting in classical styling with leaf form under gallery supports. $6200
Green Magic. Like a big drop of deep green fluid this spectacular cushion cut " chrome" tourmaline draws you in with its green-as-a-gemstone-can-be color. Cool and calming, it sits on a carved and detailed platinum band with 18k yellow gold accents and four channel set diamonds. $4000
Purple Blaze. Flowing with rich purple light this beautiful 6 carat 1/2" oval amethyst is beautifully presented in a delicate 18k yellow gold basket crown set ring. $960
Carnivale. A fanciful combination of bright colors make up this whimsical 1" square form pendant featuring tanzanite, tourmaline, apatite and four diamonds in 14k yellow gold on an 18" chain. $1400
Glowing Lights. Bright splashes of pink, blue and gold flow softly through this pastel green Australian opal in this 3/4" long 14k pink gold pendant on an 18" chain. $700
Big, Bold, and Blue. Natural color lapis-lazuli like this fine stone from Afghanistan is especially prized when it has such a deep blue color without surface markings. This gem quality 3/4 " stone delivers an eyeful of exotic blue color in this boldly styled 14k yellow gold ring with diamond accents. $1600
Fiesta Time. The whimsical scrolls of this sterling silver pendant may remind you of Mexican folk art and celebrations. They create an unusual 2-3/4" domed frame around this dramatic and brightly cut 13.34 carat " flame yellow" citrine. On an 18" sterling chain. $1600
Simply Elegant. The unusual ribbed surface design on these 4mm wide bar links on this 14k white gold bracelet make a simple and stylish setting for twelve beautiful blue sapphires weighing together 3.6 carats. $1800
Hearts and Diamonds. Eight invisibly set diamonds fit together to form a heart in a decorative bezel frame on this 14k white gold ring, with four matched princess cut diamonds lighting up each side. The diamonds weigh 50/100 carat in total and there are some nice design accents in this fancifully styled ring. $3000
Subtle Styling. This sculptural 18k white gold band features a .60 carat, 5 mm. rose cut diamond floating between two split shanks filled with .20/100 carat of sparkling white diamonds. $2800