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A well loved idea for your wedding band is having a bright line of diamonds arching across a band next to your engagement ring to add light and sparkle and emphasize your engagement diamond. The most popular choice is diamonds, but a lot of couples look for the unique styling result when they add colored stones or a mix of both. Another classic idea is having stones all around the ring in what is known as an "eternity band" because they form an unbroken "eternal" circle.
Do you ever wish you could give your loved one a diamond or gem in their wedding band? Whether a man or a woman, even if they never had a gemstone ring they would probably like the idea if they knew it would be safe and easy to wear or maybe they haven't seen a band with diamonds or colored gems that they liked for themselves. We will show you lifelike 3D images of classic and distinctive band designs and suggest ways to personalize a band with diamonds or colored gems, created to be comfortable, look great and give many years of carefree wearing enjoyment.

Design Tips

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A simple idea is the foundation of a good ring design. Concentrate on how the center stone will fit in your ring and how much space is left because there's a limit to what works and looks good. Bring your photos, sketches and notes and we'll use our design skills to help.

Cleaning Tips

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It's wise to remove jewelry before bathing since chlorine and minerals can cause staining and leave a film on your stones. Most jewelry cleans up safely with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Thorough cleaning is best done by a jeweler who also inspects your jewelry.
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