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Three Stone Rings

The three stone ring is a timeless classic which looks great as an engagement ring, an anniversary ring, or any time you want a ring presenting three beautiful gemstones. Recognized for its symbolic representation of the past, present, and future, this ring style makes an excellent anniversary ring, adding a new sparkle to your wedding set or diamond solitaire. Three diamonds are often the choice but placing a colored gemstone in the center of two diamonds or a center diamond with colored gems on the outside looks at once elegant and regal and it adds dynamic color to your personal jewelry collection.

Try combining different shapes sizes, and colors for a really unique and expressive look that’s as individual as you are because you'll have the ring you really want and enjoy seeing it every day. Bring your ideas and we’ll join you in your exploration of personal expression to display your commitment in your own personal way. Select platinum, white, yellow, rose or green gold or maybe a combination of metals and we'll help you combine your choice of stones with personalized custom jewelry designed to give you a lifetime of wearing pleasure.

Design Tips

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A simple idea is the foundation of a good ring design. Concentrate on how the center stone will fit in your ring and how much space is left because there's a limit to what works and looks good. Bring your photos, sketches and notes and we'll use our design skills to help.

Cleaning Tips

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It's wise to remove jewelry before bathing since chlorine and minerals can cause staining and leave a film on your stones. Most jewelry cleans up safely with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Thorough cleaning is best done by a jeweler who also inspects your jewelry.
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